MAYDAY Magazine is an online journal of literature, art, and commentary based in the United States and interested in speaking to an international audience. Fiction, poetry, nonfiction (personal essays as well as critical work and commentary) and book reviews are accepted through Submittable at

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MAYDAY Magazine is interested in exploring and engaging a wide spectrum of ideas and perspectives. We're interested in culture and history, politics regional and global, the past, present, and future. We're also interested particularly in writers who have been marginalized historically, including writers of color, queer and trans writers, disabled writers, and others who have suffered systemic discrimination.

We do not consider previously published work. Simultaneous submissions are accepted and encouraged. Please notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.

We aim to respond much sooner than six months from date of submission. If you have not received a response after six months, please check on the status of your submission in Submittable. If you have further questions, email

The MAYDAY Culture section is looking for enthusiastic, incisive cultural commentary and critical analysis. With an emphasis on diverse or marginalized perspectives, Culture explores politics, race, gender, sexuality, and ability across literature, cinema, television, music, art, and theatre, in contemporary and historical contexts. We also appreciate arts criticism that amplifies unique perspectives and complicates our understandings, and we regard this type of writing as an art form in its own right.

We’re seeking well-rounded, literary pieces that challenge us and our readers. There's no minimum length, but we prefer submissions with fewer than 6,000 words. Please send only one Culture submission at a time.

We accept pitches, too! Review our editors’ statements below, and feel free to pitch to us via email.

Carla is interested in pitches ranging across topics of representation, race and racism, life and death, American policing, democracy, Election 2020, and more, according to writers’ passions and prerogatives.

Clement is interested in pitches for enthusiastic and incisive arts criticism and theory, especially focusing on film, television, and music.

Sophia is interested in pitches about literary and cinematic trends, intersectional feminism + social justice,  queer histories, internet discourse, articles rooted in archival research, and anything else, as long as it’s well-argued or funny, preferably both.

Please type and double-space your submission. We prefer .doc files, but .docx, .rtf, and Open Office files are okay, too. Please do not upload .pdf files.

There's no minimum size, but we're most interested in fiction under 5,000 words. Please only send us one full-length submission at a time. You may send up to three flash fiction/short-short submissions. Each of these pieces tends to be 800-1200 words.

We seek personal, critical, and hybrid essays that move, engage, and transport us and our readers. We are sure to respond to many things, but a strong authorial voice, a clear thought or experiential arc grounded in a sense of place, and some connection with a writer’s risk in approaching their story are often most resonant. And while we are open to work of all lengths, we prefer submissions of 5,000 words or less.

Please type and double-space your submission. We prefer .doc and .docx files, but .rtf, and Open Office files are okay, too. Please do not upload .pdf files. There's no minimum size, but we prefer submissions of fewer than 5,000 words. Please only send one submission at a time.

Please submit 3-5 poems in a single Word file. Poems may be 1-10 pages in length.

Please do not upload .pdf files.

“More than three-quarters (77%) of newsroom employees – those who work as reporters, editors, photographers and videographers in the newspaper, broadcasting and internet publishing industries – are non-Hispanic whites.” (Pew Research) 

These numbers explain why countless stories written by, for, and about black people don't make it to publication. 

MAYDAY Culture Editor Carla Bell is passionate about ending this longtime discrimination and the white-washed media it produces.  

Carla is committed to delivering a new experience for black writers, including those seeking first-time publication. With authenticity, curiosity, compassion, well-rounded criticism, and courageous storytelling, submitted works may range across topics of representation, race and racism, life and death, American policing, democracy, and Election 2020 in contemporary or historical context; and may take the form of opinion, analysis, personal, first-person, braided, and reported essay and more, according to writers’ passions and prerogatives. (Subjects and formats may be considered case-by-case.) 

Writers may be of any citizenship status. Writers should reside within the continental US. 

Story ideas may be submitted by pitch and works may be submitted on speculation by email to Writers may also submit a pitch or story on spec just below via Submittable.

Review all MAYDAY Magazine open calls at Submittable.

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